GIS Services

WET has a dedicated team of professionals more than a decade worth of experience in various domains of Geographical Information System (GIS). We have expertise in dealing with utility companies, municipalities and consulting firms with quick and cost-effective mapping. We offer the various services both as standalone as well as part of a full project.

The team is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in order to be able to provide faster turn-around times and high quality deliverables. Moreover, we continue to invest in people who are provided rigorous training to handle the growing needs of our clients.

The GIS data services we offer include:

  • Utility Network Data capturing – Electrical field, Telecom sector, Gas pipe line
  • Topographic Map (Zoning & Contouring)
  • Zoning Map (Digitization)
  • Geological Map (Digitization)
  • Hydrogeological Map (Digitization)
  • Geomorphological Map
  • Ground Cadastral Map (Digitization, Grouping & Merging)
  • Forest Work Plan (digitization)
  • Mining Plan (Digitisation)
  • Mining Plan (General location and vicinity map showing area boundaries)
  • Digital Terrain Modeling

Years of Expericence