Remote Sensing Services

Remote sensing is a technique that is time and cost effective and is therefore appropriate for projects that require acquisition of information on objects and phenomenon’s at a large scale. The remote sensing team at WET branches out to meet Image classification, correction, enhancement, processing and change detection services. These services are rendered as per the project’s requirements. WET’s technical team has good hands on experience of using a myriad of remote sensing softwares.

The remote sensing services at WET includes the following verticals:
  • Imagery Interpretation
  • Imagery Classification
  • Image Correction
  • Imagery Interpretation through Band Ratio (VI, NDVI)
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Crop Monitoring and Damage assessment
  • Land use/Land cover classification
  • Coastal ecosystem monitoring
  • Forestry mapping
  • Surveying and Urban Planning
  • Water resource management